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Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

Nuffnang Grapevine

Have you ever seen a Nuffnang ad running on your blog and thought, “Hey that looks like something [insert friend’s name] would be interested in, maybe I should share this with him/her!”?
Well, we have something new which might interest YOU! Now, you can share cool stuff with your friends AND get rewarded for it at the same time with the Nuffnang Grapevine!
The Grapevine is a revolutionary new extension to the Nuffnang Skyscraper ad unit, which allows you to share great news on your social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and others and get rewarded for sharing it too!
We’re making it easier for you to share cool stuff with your friends by adding a social media element to ordinary banner ads!
How does it work? Simple!
Check out an example of a Skyscraper ad unit with a Grapevine extension as above. (It’s not the real thing though, so don’t click on it! :P) If you happen to come across one of these on any of the blogs serving Nuffnang ads, and you think the promotion offered on the ad is so ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY AMAZING that you MUST share the great news with all your friends, all you need to do is follow two simple steps:
-Click on any of the 4 big icons to start sharing on the corresponding platforms, but if you feel like spreading the great news on platforms other than those 4, you can click on ‘Share’ to copy the unique link, and share it anywhere else you fancy, really :)
- Fill in your email address in the blank provided, and you’ll receive an email on how you can redeem the earnings from clicks generated on the link you shared earlier!
Do visit www.churpchurp.com/grapevine for more information.
Yes, it’s that easy! What’s more, sharing of the URLs is NOT limited to Nuffnangers only. Even your blog readers who are not registered with Nuffnang can also share campaigns on the Grapevine and be rewarded for doing so! See why we named it the Grapevine? Now EVERYBODY can be a social media influencer, and talk about that cool ad running on your blog! :D
So spread the word, Nuffnangers! Get all your friends to join in the fun and get rewarded for hearing about (and spreading) something through the Grapevine :)

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